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Beyond the Toolkit:
Community-Engagement in COVID-19

Participation * Pedagogy * Online and Remote Facilitation *  Social Justice * COVID-19

PC - Space and place
PC - Labor
PC - Connection and care
PC - Community dynamics
PC - Zoom Fatigue
PC - Equity and power
PC - Accessibility
PC - Covid stress and isolation
PC - Time
PC - Materiality
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How did we get here?

We are a team of community-based and academic community-engaged practitioners who have been interested in creating a dialogue about facilitation, participatory design and social justice across a number of fields: participatory research, community arts, participatory visual methods, and community facilitation. We are particularly interested in learning how community-engaged practitioners have adapted their participatory work to online and remote settings, as a result of COVID-19, and the unique ethical and pedagogical challenges that arise.


This website shares findings, resources and illustrations as informed by a pilot study and virtual event series, "Community Engagement in COVID-19". Our goal is to support community-engaged practitioners in reflecting on, and adapting their facilitation practice to online and/or remote settings. We are particularly invested in having conversations about facilitation, as grounded in a social justice framework.  While we dream of gathering in-person again, we hope that these resources may help practitioners navigate the opportunities and tensions of hosting community-engaged gatherings, meetings, and workshops online and remotely, as we weather the storms of COVID-19. For more on our project and for information on how to cite materials within this web-resource visit the About Us and Acknowledgements sections.

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An Invitation to Reflect

We invite you to draw on the following resources to help guide your online and remote facilitation practice.  Both illustrations and text were informed by conversations with community-engaged practitioners who  have adapted their participatory work to online and remote settings as a result of COVID-19. Images can be used under a creative commons license with proper credit (see illustrations for more information and download links).

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Facilitation is not a neutral practice. What are the ethical commitments or values that guide your work?

Ethitcal commitments - Yellow.jpg


What do community-engaged practitioners need to consider when facilitating participatory, community-engaged group processes online or remotely? How do you put your ethical commitments into practice? What are some helpful strategies for working with communities when gathering online

or remotely?

Pedagogical considerations - green.jpg


What are the potential risks of moving participatory, community-engaged work to online or remote settings? How do we journey forward with care?

Ethical considerations - blue.jpg


What supports do practitioners need to continue

this work?

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