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Image Gallery

Please download these images for use in your own work.  We encourage you to use the images widely for educational purposes - with credit


Click on the thumbnail image below to download low-resolution jpeg files. For high-resolution images, please contact us.

Images designed by Andrea Vela Alarcón (full citation information and information on image usage can be found below).

Potential uses include: 

  • Sparking conversations with group members about putting shared values or commitments into practice ( and how to put them into practice)

  • Capacity-building and training

  • Education

  • Advocacy

Smartphone facing upwards, with a flower growing out of it.

Click this image to download the full package of Ethical Commitments images. 

A navy blue puzzle piece with two green arrows on it, pointing to different directions. A yellow puzzle piece with a lock on it.

Click this image to download the puzzle pieces and full puzzle contained in the section, Pedagogical Considerations, Approaches and Strategies

Resource Gallery: Gallery
Ethical considerations - blue.jpg

Click this image to download the image contained in the section, Ethical Considerations. This image package also includes a blank version of the 'map' for use with your group.

A hand with an index finger pointing upwards. Index finger is balancing a Zoom symbol (video camera), speech bubble, envelope and RSS feed symbol (circle with three lines on top). Arrows from each object are pointing towards a battery symbol, microphone, number sign, and warning sign (triangle with an exclamation mark).

Click this image to download Self Care Notes, written and illustrated by Andrea Vela Alarcón. The zine can be printed, cut and folded into a small, pocket-sized zine.

Four circles. One large circle with text that reads “CC” underneath. First small circle has a stick figure of a person and text that reads “BY” underneath. Second small circle has a dollar symbol, a line across the circle, and text that reads “NC” underneath. Third small circle has an equal sign (two horizontal lines on top of each other), and text that reads “ND” underneath.

Images are guided by a Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND . This means you are free to share, copy and re-distribute the material in any medium or format. However, you must provide proper credit (see below) and provide a link to this license. You may not use images for commercial purposes, and cannot alter them in anyway. For a summary of these terms in clear language, read here

To cite and credit these images when sharing: Vela Alarcón, Andrea and the Community Engagement in COVID-19 study team. (2021). The name of the illustration section - e.g., Ethical Commitments. [Illustration]. Beyond the Toolkit.

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